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Description: Play Free Slots Conflict of Queens Sport at Slot Jar Conflict of Queens takes the moors that were creepy you, wrecked fortress where White Double and two queens – Red Double battle one another. Alice in Wonderland encouraged, Conflict of Queens free slots from Genesis Gaming can be a 5 reel 25 payline sport at Slot Jar. About the reels, few characters from your Alice in Wonderland history are located and those are the whatnot, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, double brains, humptydumpty, a mirror (crazy symbol) and Conflict of Queens brand (scatter symbol). 8 free moves are induced when you land on 3 scatter icons. Conflict of Queens battle, the benefit feature is induced when white and crimson queens area on first and sixth reels correspondingly. Then, both the queens prepare yourself to struggle and you need certainly to hypothesize which double will earn. If the double chosen by you wins, you will be recognized with some good cash prizes and you may get nothing in case your double loses. Conflict of Queens free slots includes music that is comforting and a wonderful HD graphics. Play with free moves and you can earn highest of £187,500 treasure. Play today at: For More Slot Games Sign Up now at:

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